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We offer the development of a B2B portal based on a ready-made B2B store web platform. The product is a powerful personal account for wholesale clients (dealers) integrated with your accounting system. The site will allow you to implement the following:
Based on more than 50 of already developed B2B portals, we have collected statistics:

statistics-data-icon Before ipmlementation B2B Store
statistics-data-icon After ipmlementation B2B Store

Everyday communications

  • Request for prices / availability;
  • Calls and Correspondence;
  • Contact with the manager;
  • "Agreement".

Routine work

  • Creation of orders in 1C;
  • Billing;
  • Receivables processing;
  • Imitation work.

Development strategy

  • Offer stocks / discounts;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Personal growth;
  • Customer search.

Time left

  • Sitting we drink tea :)

For pratners

  • Access to current balances 24/7
  • Personal prices with all discounts
  • Deferred order, credit limit
  • Placing an order in 1C, reserve, billing
  • Adaptive design (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • API integration of your personal account

Document flow Finance

  • Access to printed forms of all documents
  • Breakdown of accounts receivable (total and overdue) under contracts, before the sales document
  • Reporting (act of mutual settlements, analytical and other reports)

For staff

  • Decrease in moral and physical stress
  • Lack of typical questions distracting from work
  • Automation of routine work
  • Exception of data loss and errors in the documents
  • Use time more productively.


  • Always a free channel of communication with the supplier
  • A modern approach to business in the b2b segment
  • Simple interaction between supplier with partners
  • After Sales Service and Competitive Advantage
  • Loyalty Growth

Сustomer reviews


You can familiarize yourself with our b2b platform in detail. To download the basic functionality of the system, fill out the following form:

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We are developing

Specifications Previous version of the site 1.x New version of the site 2.5 Benefits of the new version
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Running a project in a short time,
from 1 month


Support and development of implemented solutions


Consultancy. We help to achieve success


In 1C, we have no equal.
20 years of experience

Stages of emplementation

1 1
  • We present the basic product of the B2B store;
  • We will share our experience and answer all questions;
  • We will form a budget according to the requirements.
2 2
  • We will sign an agreement to create a b2b portal;
  • We will send requirements to ensure the project for 1C;
  • Fill out a brief for future design.
3 3
Prototype organization
  • Installing the system on a test platform, checking access to 1C;
  • Layout of the design according to the layout;
  • Two-way exchange setup, integration with 1C.
4 4
Acceptance tests
  • Testing by our employees
  • Acceptance by the customer
  • Focus group work of real users of the system
5 5
Launch of the project
  • Connection to the working 1C;
  • 1 month of free support;
  • Drawing up a b2b site development program.
6 6
  • Hosting
  • Resolving emergency situations
  • Update basic functionality
  • Counseling
  • Custom development of custom modules

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About us

ZetLab is a team with many years of experience in creating complex IT products, wholesale online stores, B2B systems and portals.

Since 2008, we have been helping clients optimize their business. It's easy and convenient with us!