The project of creating a B2B system for the company "Auto-Optimal".




LLC "Auto-Optimal" was founded in 2009, becoming the exclusive representative of Mfilter - the manufacturer of filters JSC Baltic Filter. Also, the company received unique rights for the supply of motor and transmission oils from the international oil corporation S-OIL TOTAL LUBRICANTS Co., LTD (South Korea), which allowed to fully meet the demands of the Ukrainian market.



A large volume of daily tasks heavily loaded the sales department. Clarification of the availability of goods in the warehouse, the formation of an optimal offer for the client, billing, the awareness of customers about the activities of the company and much more, it all took time. One 1C accounting system did not solve all tasks along with the potentialities.



The customer has been supplied with several goals:

- Get a high-quality convenient tool for work, both for staff and customers;

- Minimize the basic time for order processing;

- Provide customers with information about the products and activities of the company.



- Provide an opportunity for customers to see the actual availability of goods in the warehouse at their own set price and make an order;

- Display possible analogs for the alternative and related products;

- Keeping of account statements from 1C;

- Reserves for a certain period of time;

- In advance, not buying an offer from partner repository stores;

- Provide the company's customers with the most convenient interface.



It was decided to integrate the software complex B2B store with the accounting system 1C 8.2 - management of the trading enterprise. At the same time, a new design of the start page was developed, to display basic information about the company and a public catalog for acquaintance with the trading nomenclature.

1) For a convenient search for products, decisions were taken from a traditional retail store. In the client's personal area, a ribbon of applicability (by mode of transport), a rubricator by commodity categories, a filter by brands, sorting by price, by article, displaying only available ones has been added. A special feature was the search for oils for such a property as viscosity, since in this area it is more customary for specialists to look for the product precisely by this parameter.

2) When searching for a particular product, it was decided to immediately display possible analogs for the alternative, which as a result expanded the company's capabilities and provided customers with greater freedom in choosing. Have done so that the customer had the opportunity to independently add analogs on the side of the admin panel of the site.

3) To ensure the awareness of customers on products and, in general, any activities of the company, a number of additional information flows were added to the system:

- this is a running line that allows in real time to notify all of its customers about holding some shares, markdowns on the goods, etc.;

- this is a separate news block telling in detail about the acting shares, markdowns on the goods, etc.;

- this is informing customers about new arrivals to the warehouse in the near future.

4) Reservation of balances was, on the one hand, a simple function, but on the other hand it took a lot of time for managers to do this when it all happened on the phone and also took some time. The condition was to reserve on the side of 1C only the leftovers, the prices not to reserve, after which the goods fell into a separate tab "Reserve". By default, the reserve is given 2 days, although in the accounting system, you can personalize the terms for each client.

5) By default, we made a save on the site side of the 1C account statement in pdf format. With the ability to print and save the document on the computer. Thus, the client has a history of orders in his personal account for the last 2 months.

6) One of the most successful solutions that we managed to achieve is, in less than 1 second (to be exact 700-800 milliseconds), to form the client a product offer from partner warehouses, in the auto parts business such a process is often called "Revaluation". In this case, the Wikicross module was additionally connected to the site, which allowed to instantly make a request to all connected providers. As a result, they got information about which suppliers are selling this part, at what price and how long it will take to deliver it. Accordingly, the module took into account the mark-up of the company and the client made a proposal. Earlier, in order to do this, a manager was spending about 15 minutes.


Completely updated the website with the display of the public online catalog. All customers of Auto-Optimal received a modern instrument and excellent service for convenient and fast access 24/7 to all products and prices that are actual for themselves. The system allowed to simplify the work of customer service managers, and they in turn systematize work with orders, receive primary documents and extracts from 1C online, select positions and analogues, place current and pre-orders. Work on supporting the project is ongoing, in the near future, the third update of the system with additional functionality is expected.

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