B2B portal - it's an insider-only system



The B2B portal operates in a closed mode - not just anyone can access and use the portal. The login and password are provided by the client manager.

It's important to understand that the solution at www.b2bstore.ua is the very portal that allows the customer to self-service and submit requests directly into your accounting system.

And it is precisely because of this that it relieves your managers from routine work.

A client can register independently, but it won't be a registration; it will be an application for registration. Then, the client manager contacts the potential client, adds them to the accounting system, for example, in 1C, and then links the client's card to the B2B portal, providing the client with a login and password. This way, even the "person from the street" can start cooperating with your business.

Additionally, it provides the opportunity to advertise cooperation and bring potential partners to the main page of the B2B portal, where they can submit an application for dealership of your products.