B2B Talks #1


A friendly conversation about the automation of b2b relations.
B2B is when business buys from business. And not like people, when people buy from businesses.
However, marketers say that people still buy from people, and even when it all goes through the B2B portal, there is a place for the human factor.

In the first episode:

  • What is B2B in general and B2BStore in particular.
  • When the first B2B projects appeared.
  • The need for B2B solutions.
  • Who uses B2B solutions.
  • How a manager's work changes after the implementation of B2B.
  • What drives the adoption of B2B solutions.
  • Whether operational costs decrease after the implementation of B2B.
  • Qualitative benefits from the introduction of B2B.
  • Whether it's possible to work in the automotive industry without B2B.
  • The percentage of orders processed through B2B and the percentage handled through traditional channels like phone and agents.
  • How the implementation of B2B affects business scalability.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on decisions regarding B2B implementation.
  • B2B as a self-service terminal for wholesale customers.
  • Whether managers' fears of being laid off due to B2B implementation are justified.
  • The interaction between B2B solutions and systems like "Первічка," "Вчасно," "Медок," and others.