We were at the Auto Tech Service 2019 exhibition: how it went



Dear friends,

The only international exhibition for car enthusiasts and professionals in Ukraine - Auto Tech Service 2019, has come to an end!

Of course, the ZetWeb team didn't hesitate for a moment about whether to attend. The majority of our projects are closely related to the automotive industry, so it was out of the question for us to miss such an event.

We initially chose this segment because it's one of the most challenging - with thousands of brands, a vast catalog of auto parts, special filters for unique parameters, and integrated cross-reference databases, our platform successfully handles it all!

We were pleasantly surprised that representatives from various fields approached our booth, not only those related to spare parts and auto components but also professionals in plumbing, lighting, children's toys, machinery, and not just from Ukraine, but from abroad as well.

This is indeed tangible proof that the pursuit of excellence and development unites and transcends all boundaries!

As a result, everything went even better than expected - there was no time for idle moments:

  • We provided the opportunity for everyone interested to thoroughly examine our core tool for wholesale online trading - the B2B store web platform and test it on the spot.
  • We shared detailed information about ready-made additional modules that can be seamlessly integrated into the platform to meet individual business needs.
  • We unveiled our latest developments, Viber B2B bot & Telegram B2B bot, for the first time at the exhibition, receiving feedback and comments firsthand.
  • The updated platform design received high praise.
  • We answered numerous questions and even created our own FAQ Hard Version - a list of "hard-hitting" questions, which will be covered in a separate blog post.
  • We met new people, potential clients, like-minded individuals who believe that the future lies in B2B e-commerce.
  • We were recognized by the exhibition organizers and received an award for the outstanding presentation of the unique online system, B2B Store, for wholesale sales.

In addition to all the above, the exhibition gave us the opportunity to meet with a correspondent from the "AutoExpert" automotive magazine, whose conversation was so fascinating that it turned into a full article, which you can read at this link!




Let's not just talk about it - we've prepared a short video report to show you how it all went down. Dive into the atmosphere of this grand event with us! The proofs are in the studio!