B2BStore is expanding the geographical scope of its projects to Poland.



European companies have begun to implement B2BStore. In particular, Polish businesses are starting to discover our solution among many others!  Currently, there's no language barrier, as we can integrate with B2BStore for your business in any language! Technically, this process is straightforward. Initially, integration of our B2B portal with your accounting system occurs, and at this stage, Ukrainian, English, or Russian languages can be utilized. Before the trial phase, you'll need to translate a small number of phrases provided by us into the language you prefer for the B2B portal interface. Product names, groups, and descriptions will be sourced from your accounting system's directories, so the language of the portal's content depends solely on you.

The implementation period for the B2B portal ranges from 2 to 3 months, after which you'll receive a tool enabling you to be the fastest in your industry with the lowest sales department costs.

If you wish to learn more about the B2B portal itself, as well as how we can automate and enhance your work with partners using B2BStore, please contact us at office@b2bstore.ua or call:

+38067 357 4709

+38050 557 4709

+380 800 33 6109