Round-the-clock accessibility of your business for your partners.



The catalog settings allow you to organize your products not only by categories. You can create an additional structure to group products. This gives your customers two options for navigating the product catalog. When you create product groups, you can also add filters for that product group, allowing your customers to choose products based on specific characteristics.

When a product card is opened, there's a section for "Similar Products." However, you can configure it to show "Bought Together" or "Promotional Products." This allows you to drive cross-selling and increase revenue.

If a product has analogs, they will be displayed as a separate list on the product card.

24/7 access to inventory levels enables your dealers to place relevant orders even outside of business hours.

By utilizing the B2BStore tools, you provide your customers with the ability to place orders quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, at any time, 24/