Debtor's Balance


If your dealer network includes a large number of partners who do not pay proper attention to accounting and do not always have accurate information about their receivables, then the functionality of B2BStore is a real treasure. This system allows you to not only see mutual settlements in terms of your dealer's legal entities but also in terms of contracts. This is extremely useful, especially for your partners.

загальні взаєморозрахунки

Partners who maintain meticulous records and have reliable data regarding mutual settlements have the ability to generate invoices from your accounting system.

Furthermore, the status of "accounts receivable" can be easily assessed at a glance:

  • Red indicates that the partner has outstanding debts.
  • Green indicates the absence of any outstanding debts.

оцінка заборгованності одним поглядом

In the section with shipped orders, there is the option to print expense invoices.

друк видаткової накладної - дебіторотворчий документ

For partners who require comprehensive record-keeping of their operations, there is a section called "Journal." In this section, B2BStore users can view invoices, expense invoices, payment information, reconciliation statements, and tax invoices. Additionally, all these documents can be easily printed.

All of this enables partners to independently access the necessary information regarding accounts receivable without the need for intervention from managers or your accounting department.

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This means that managers can focus more on achieving sales targets without spending time on routine accounting tasks.