Multi-cart B2BStore: An Effective Tool for Order Processing



Our cart is a multi-cart. When your partner fills the cart, products are automatically grouped by branches, contracts, and counterparties, or by other criteria you have chosen. The principle of operation is as follows: the user adds certain items from their LLC with advance payment conditions to the cart, adds a group of products with deferred payment, and then can add other products that they plan to buy from an individual entrepreneur. Meanwhile, you are selling some products from an individual entrepreneur, and others from the LLC. This complex scheme does not affect the order formation and cart filling since the multi-cart distributes all the selected assortment according to all the conditions mentioned above, and a series of orders is formed in your accounting system.

As a result, this significantly saves time and avoids errors due to human factors.

Moreover, you can directly add items by name or article in the cart.

When the user clicks the 'Place Order' button, B2BStore sends a request to the accounting system and checks the availability of the product at that moment and the price accuracy. After that, you need to select a delivery option and finalize the order processing. Stock and prices are checked again, and the order is generated in the accounting system, and in B2BStore, you can print an invoice.

All of this ensures your partners' confidence in the accuracy of information regarding stock and prices. This means that your partner can independently place orders at any time.