Review from our client FADO.



Review of FADO company. Head of the Projects Department, Oleksandr Mykytenko:

One of the key principles of our company's work is continuous improvement not only in product quality but also in services. That's why, at the end of 2019, we introduced the B2B Store portal, where every one of our dealers can place orders for products, track the entire interaction process with the company, and access a full range of additional informational and marketing services.

The company that developed the portal took into account the specific business processes and tailored it to meet all the needs for automating the wholesale sales of plumbing and engineering products.

About FADO TM:

"I.S.F. Group" company - a leading national manufacturer of reliable engineering plumbing.

FADO brand. Over 14 years in the market, the brand's assortment has grown to include a thousand three hundred SKUs, capable of satisfying all needs in designing and installing heating, water supply, gas supply, underfloor heating, and other engineering systems.

The company has a wide network of dealers throughout Ukraine, an automated logistics center, and its research and development center. Additionally, FADO products are present in projects of leading developers in the country.

The company's core value is to create products at the level of "engineering plumbing for years."

Among the main priorities of our activities are continuous product and service improvement, rapid response to market needs, and unwavering responsibility towards our customers, dealers, and installers.

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