Development of B2B portal for freight parts for the company Technical Center "Ankomtech".




Technical Center "Ankomtech" since 1996 successfully works in the market of the Ukrainian automotive market of commercial and cargo vehicles. In Kiev, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Nikolaev and Odessa there are 5 representative offices of the company. A full cycle of service works, direct deliveries of spare parts from world manufacturers makes the company a reliable partner for owners of commercial trucks.



The following objectives were set by the customer::

- Create an opportunity for the customer to use the additional service of the company;

- Automate and simplify work for sales staff;

- Bring the relationship with the client to a new level.



- Provide clients with an electronic catalog with all possible products;

- Priority to see customers the actual availability of goods throughout the network of branches;

- To assign to each client a personal manager depending on the region;

- Access to the full package of documents, regardless of how the order was placed;

- Display possible analogs for an alternative;

- Provide customers with the most convenient interface.



In this project, we were faced with the fact that the customer only needs a closed part of the system without a public catalog, since there was already a business card at that time, which is quite popular in search systems in the field of commercial and cargo equipment. Therefore, it was decided to take only the closed part of the B2B store integrated with the accounting system 1C 8.3 only under a different domain name.

1) The first thing we did was to link all the branches into one single system and allow customers to see the actual availability of balances in all possible warehouses at their own set price. The display of warehouses took place according to the priority, i.e. if the client from Nikolaev, then it is logical for him to show the warehouse from this city, and then all the rest, if the customer is not tied to any of the branches - by default, warehouses are displayed, starting with the main Kiev. The peculiarity was that the company's customers were also competitors and it was not necessary to display the exact number of balances, so it was decided that the quantity of the goods that is more than ten to display conditionally >10.

2) The next step was to assign to each client a personal manager, depending on his location. This solution has become an additional convenience for customers, because it is psychologically easier when you know that there is a person to whom you can directly seek advice for example, or in dealing with issues related to documents or order. Therefore, in the client's client area, the top panel provides a manager's card with its contact details.

3) By default, a full package of documents in pdf format was saved on the side of the site from 1C. With the ability to print and save the document on the computer. Thus, the client in the personal cabinet has the history of orders, regardless of how the order was made, through the site or in another way, for example, telephone, email.

4) The display of the balance of payments under the contract was an additional convenience for customers. In the personal account there is an opportunity to review the history of purchases made for deferral, and to understand in which already exceeded the deadline and must be paid urgently, and in what else is allowed. It was a plus to provide an opportunity for the client to form independently for each period an reconciliation reconciliation act.

5) When searching for a particular product, it was decided to immediately display possible analogs (replacements) for an alternative. In the market of spare parts, it is common practice, when there is an analogue for the same detail with the same characteristics of only different brands. As a result, it expanded the company's capabilities and provided customers with greater freedom in choosing. Have done so that the customer had the opportunity to independently add analogs on the side of the admin panel of the site.


An additional communication channel was created for the clients of the shopping center "Ankomtech", in which they receive for themselves all the necessary information and the opportunity to place an order. Quick access to the catalog in 24/7 format allowed customers to make orders outside of working hours, as a result of which the sales volumes in the company grew and the average check increased. The system allowed to automate a number of tasks manually and even more, strengthened the trust relationship with customers. In the near future, the first update will take place in the system, where the company Ankomtech will open new opportunities for itself, and customers, in turn, additional convenience.

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