Pro_2_Pro: Working on the scheme Professionals for Professionals.



Professionals for Professionals - this is how our work with clients can be characterized:


The ready solution is already operational 2.5 months after signing the contract and making the advance payment. The standard installation can be implemented within such short terms. However, this standard installation fully satisfies 80% of our clients, at least in the first year of operation. Then, the realization comes that adjustments are needed, and we gladly make them according to your requirements.


Most experienced professionals have a history of lengthy and exhausting implementation stories of accounting systems, which do not always end successfully. However, with B2B, it's a different story, especially when professionals are involved. Typically, the implementation of B2B solutions involves adding a web interface for your partners who can independently place their orders. This means there's no need to change anything in your accounting system if it already covers all your business processes. Our task is to extract all this information and present it on the website for your partners. With our many years of experience and a large number of templates for accounting systems based on 1C: Enterprise and BAS, the implementation happens quickly and painlessly. This is confirmed by almost a hundred installations.


The standard version of B2BStore already works with:

  • Branches (warehouses)
  • Multilevel product nomenclature
  • Pricing
  • Multicurrency
  • A partner can work on behalf of several legal entities
  • Integration with all logistics companies
  • Access to all necessary primary documentation
  • Ability to export information in formats such as CSV, XML, YML (Rozetka, Prom, etc.)
  • Analytical information: user activity, abandoned carts, search queries, and information issuance

Optionally, our system can be customized according to your requirements, such as:

  • Working with commercial proposals
  • Knowledge base (creating archives of technical documentation, marketing materials, any other files)

You can also discuss all your other needs, describe how it should all work, and we will implement it.

If additional options are implemented together with the installation of the standard solution, it will extend the implementation period. Therefore, we recommend doing a standard implementation, and after gaining experience in operating the B2B portal, your initial requirements may be reconsidered. This will be the best time to implement them.

We invite you to a demonstration of our product - B2BStore. After the demonstration, we provide access to the demo version. Allocate 45 minutes for the product demonstration. However, if you already have specific questions, we are ready to discuss them until you fully understand everything related to your future B2B portal.

You can sign up for a demonstration by following the link