B2B portal as an effective way to interact with partners based on the B2B store platform



On any market, manufacturing and wholesale companies often face the problem of increasing the efficiency of their sales department. By and large, most still accept orders by phone, email or other analogue methods. This approach has long been outdated and often leads to disruptions in communication between the supplier and the customer, makes it dependent on specific employees, accidents and the human factor, and thus the risks of uncontrolled operations in the enterprise only grow.

One of the solutions to this problem is the development of wholesale online stores, sometimes they are also called b2b portals or b2b systems. This solution is a web-based platform that closely integrates with the 1C accounting system. Thanks to this, customers are given the opportunity to see the actual availability of the goods in the warehouse directly at their stated price without having to call up a manager. To each client the company gives personal access to the catalog of goods and all orders made through the personal cabinet, instantly fall into the accounting system 1C. Thus, it becomes easier for customers to interact with their supplier and helps to solve a number of other tasks, what previously took time, and time, as we know, money. Such a wholesale online store is suitable for manufacturers, distributors, dealers or traders with their own warehouse.

After development, the customer receives:

- A modern tool for searching, selecting and selling goods;

- Automated workflow;

- Ability to inform customers about all activities of the company;

- Excellent customer service;

- Competitive advantage.

As practice shows, this online store helps companies to simplify the work of managers with clients and transfer them to self-service. This is a new communication channel where the client will always be comfortable to work and receive online all necessary information. Using such a product, has become to provide its customers with improved service, as well as a more effective tool to increase sales and profits than marketing, promotion or advertising. It is safe to say that after the introduction, the number of errors in the documents will be reduced many times, the number of orders in the off-time will increase, the processing time for applications and billing will be significantly reduced, and as a result, the average cost of one order will increase.

The main features of such an online store:

- Personal prices and discounts for each customer to the accuracy of the product card;

- Actual display of warehouse balances for all warehouses (branches);

- Accounts receivable (overdue and total indebtedness);

- Possibility for one user to work from different legal entities;

- A personal manager for the client, depending on the region or other conditions;

- Automatic generation of invoices, invoices, reconciliation acts, etc. with a display on the site in history;

- Reservation of balances for a certain period;

- Separation of orders in the basket on the basis of signs (different terms of delay, different currencies, different counterparties);

- Display of goods from partner warehouses (supplier), taking into account your price (reselling);

- Wholesale units: pallets, boxes, packaging, barrels, etc .;

- Table presentation of goods - without photos and descriptions;

- Creating templates for delivery and payment;

- Double reconciliation with the exchange rate in the process of placing an order;

- Providing API client cabinet for integration with the site (actual for stores, online stores, etc.);

- Collection of statistical data: who looked or put it in the basket but did not buy (analyst);

- Provision of admin panel for personal use;

- Ready-made design for the start page with a public catalog;

- Adapt the interface to all types of devices (PC, tablet, hone).

In the end I would like to add that by implementing such a wholesale (B2B) online store, the quality control of the services provided in the company will only grow:

- the issue related to the efficiency of the sales department will be solved, since the workload for the personnel will decrease and the released time can be used more rationally, for example, to study the assortment, new markets, competitors;

- the loyalty of customers to the supplier will increase, since the processing speed of orders and their opacity of processes will be reduced at times;

Sales volumes will increase due to reduction of time costs for servicing each client and automation of most operational tasks performed daily manually.

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