Manager's panel - a unique working tool



The manager's panel addresses the following tasks:

  1. Helps partners get started with the B2B portal as quickly as possible.
  2. Maintains your partners and responds promptly to crisis situations.
  3. Analyzes customer needs regarding product assortment and understands how your prices align with the market.

The manager's panel is a unique working tool for your sales manager, which they didn't have before the implementation of B2BStore. The manager receives information about:

  • Partner activity
  • Partner carts
  • Partner search activity

After the implementation of the B2B portal, your sales managers invite your partners' employees to work with the portal.

Managers can see which partners actively use the portal and which haven't even logged in. This is a reason to reach out, find out what's going on, and provide assistance if necessary. For this purpose, there is the option to log in as the partner directly from the portal and see everything they see – this is a very convenient mechanism for interacting with your partners.

Carts that have been created but, for some reason, were not finalized as orders are also a reason to inquire with the partner about why they didn't complete the order. There can be many reasons why carts were abandoned:

  • Competitors offered a more attractive proposal.
  • Partners were distracted by important matters.
  • Not all of the product items of interest to your partner were in stock.

Regardless of the reason, it's important to call the partner and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Retaining a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one, so with all this information, you can react promptly and keep the situation under control.

B2BStore retains information about user search queries.

The presence of such information allows you to understand:

  • Current needs of your partners that you haven't covered yet.
  • Whether the price is satisfactory or not.
  • Whether the stock levels meet your partners' needs.

For example, when you notice that partners are searching for a product that is not in your search results, it indicates that you don't have the necessary product for your partner. The purchasing department should work with this information.

If partners find a product but don't add it to their cart, there can be the following reasons: the price doesn't suit them, or there is insufficient stock.

Thus, the sales manager gains access to information they didn't have before. Having all this information, you can meet your partners' needs at a qualitatively new level."