Viber&Telegram B2B chat bot



In the modern world, having a website alone is not enough to stand out, so companies offering their products and services strive to come up with something new that can distinguish them from competitors.

Various promotions, loyalty programs, and customer comfort are the focus and goal of entrepreneurs.

As a company specializing in business optimization, we also focus on simplifying and expediting all stages of the sales process.

Today, we want to introduce you to our new developments - Viber and Telegram B2B chatbots, small assistants in the world of big sales.

After surveying our clients, we realized that 90% of their customers use the Viber messenger, which is why we want to introduce you to it in this article.

So, what is it?

It's a program designed within the familiar messenger.

This chatbot serves as a complement to our existing B2B Store product and represents an alternative communication channel. It's relevant when you need to make a purchase here and now, quickly check the necessary information without the need to open a web browser.

It allows customers to choose products, view their current availability, contracts, balances, place orders, and communicate with a personal manager. In essence, it duplicates all the features found in a personal account, but within the familiar Viber messenger.

To demonstrate its relevance, consider a couple of simple examples:

  1. Auto service: A mechanic is busy disassembling a car, changing oil, and dealing with a long queue. After removing a specific part, the mechanic needs to know if the same or a similar one is available in the inventory. Instead of getting up, preparing, making a phone call to the warehouse, or opening a laptop, they simply grab the phone nearby, open the Viber B2B bot, look up the part by its article or cross-reference, see its availability, order it in just two clicks, and continue working while the product is already on its way.

  2. Retailer: A customer owns a retail point in the market. They don't need a laptop, Wi-Fi, or to wait for a website to load - internet connectivity varies in quality, and Viber works well almost everywhere with even mobile internet. The customer easily opens Viber, uses our chatbot, gets all the necessary information, feeling confident and comfortable.

We could continue talking about chatbots being a competitive advantage, building customer loyalty, and being an excellent solution for those accustomed to messengers, but the examples above speak for themselves, don't they?

Now, we invite you to delve into the most relevant Viber B2B chatbot for the Ukrainian market: its interface, capabilities, and features.

A client's interaction with the bot starts the moment they scan a QR code or when an existing user shares the channel with a new user.

Where to get the QR code?

  1. On the supplier's website operating on the B2B Store platform with our product's additional installation.
  2. In an invitation email when a client gains access to the closed system, there's a code for entry into the Viber bot.

Once the code is scanned, the user enters the messenger, where the chatbot is ready to greet them.


To begin working with it, you need to go through an authorization process. Existing users enter their phone number or email address, gaining access to interact with the bot. New users, after entering their details, send a request for authorization.

After completing the authentication process for an existing or new customer, you'll arrive at the home page, the main menu. The bot identifies the user by name and offers options based on the user's current interests.


Selecting a contract before getting started - here you go, at your service!




Need to check your balance, perhaps? One click - all the data right in front of you!

Balance page.


Detailed information, numbers, dates, amounts - the bot can handle it all!

Balance page. Detailed contract report.


Now let's show you what a product search looks like - you can enter an article or cross-code in the search field, which is quite common in the auto parts industry. It displays the product, availability, and price.

Search results.


Need to check your cart before ordering? As you scroll through the products in the feed, you'll see 6 product cards. If there are more than 6, a "Next" button appears, allowing you to view the next 6. We want to mention that the chatbot is designed more for quick purchases rather than for lengthy order list creation.



Everything correct? You can proceed to the purchase stage! Choose a convenient delivery method - self-pickup, company transport, delivery services, dropshipping.

Delivery selection.

At the final stage of order processing, we can leave a comment, and then we receive confirmation of the order, which has already been automatically placed in the 1C system. We can see the order number, date, and be sure that the product is reserved for you. Situations where a manager calls with "good news" about product unavailability or price changes are excluded because this bot duplicates the personal cabinet in the B2B portal, where all trading conditions are personalized.

Order placed!


Remembered something else or decided to check/add/modify information? Chat with your personal manager is always at your fingertips.

Chat with your personal manager.


In summary, it's important to emphasize that chatbots provide 24/7 service, allowing companies to offer their customers the same services from the supplier in their preferred messenger at any time of the day. This leads to improved service quality and business success and helps expand the reach of the customer base.

For Telegram messenger enthusiasts, the process works the same way.