Customer feedback from Yevhen Yuriovych Puhovkin



A rather interesting story of implementing a B2B solution.

Meet Evgeniy Yurievich, an individual entrepreneur in the field of lighting products.

Evgeniy recalls how the idea of changing business processes came about:

"I was watching a YouTube video where robots with carts were moving products around a large warehouse. It reminded me that we live in the 21st century and many routine business processes can be automated. As they say, 'let robots do the work, not people.' In the process of order acceptance, there are many iterations involving details' approval. It's a routine that can be automated and simplified, not just by one step, but two or even three. And that's where a B2B solution comes in.

After discussing with an in-house IT specialist, we agreed that creating a software solution from scratch to fully implement our ideas would be expensive and time-consuming. So we started looking for ready-made solutions. However, everything we found was custom developments from scratch, costing a significant amount, typically between $5,000 and $15,000. Moreover, there was no confidence that the project would be completed within the expected timeframe and with the desired outcome. When we found the B2BStore solution, we realized it was exactly what we needed. The implementation happened much faster than I had anticipated.

At first, the managers were worried that they would be out of work and everything would run without them. But when the workload decreased, they started addressing issues they didn't have time for before.

The implementation significantly simplified the work because now clients can place orders outside of business hours. Previously, during those times, managers couldn't respond promptly.

Surprisingly, almost 90% of the clients quickly adapted and started working through the B2B portal. Many clients turned out to be very pleased with this implementation. Of course, there are those who prefer to place orders over the phone, and while we continue to grow, the number of such clients remains constant. However, the percentage of phone orders is steadily decreasing."